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The cat book ebook

An iBooks 2 version of the cat book is now up on iTunes at: Its a free download. Signed print versions are still available.

2 thoughts on “The cat book ebook

  1. really nice drawings! What Ipad application do you use the most for your drawings? And do you use fingers or a special brush?

  2. Hi. As to apps, i’ve settled on Brushes, Procreate, Zen Brush. Recently I’ve added Sketchtime. I’ve used Sketch Club, Eazel, Sketchbook Pro, Art Studio, Magic Ink… I go back and forth between fingers and stylus. When I want to push something around, like colour in Eazel, I’ll use my fingers. Else, I’ve succumbed to the need for my fingers and hands to hold a drawing tool. It feels more natural.

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