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My first iBooks eBook iBooks Author book

Yesterday I downloaded iBooks Author. It kills to spell that in American. While poking about and figuring out the interface and its design sensibilities, I managed to put together a short little ebook of the 20 Landscapes IV images. As carefully as I could I filled out all the fields and forms in iTunes Publisher, and waited while the book went up to the iTunes store.

Three or four days ago, I was looking into the possibility of using Book Creator on the iPad to do the same. A short twisted path of instructions required a special tax number from the IRS for foreign citizens and a few weeks of passing around notarized photocopies of my passport.

There are free PDF files available from the links just over there to the right. The files are big, and readable, of course, on a Mac or PC.

This shorter, more compact version is more attractive, livelier and somewhat more interactive, and designed especially for the iPad, and the whole thing was so damned easy.

Update Jan 25 2011: It’s live! Yay! Get it here: