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The cat book in print

The Cat book has arrived!

October 3, 2011.

Each book is $20.00 plus the requisite shipping and handling. In Canada that is $2.25, to the United States; $3.85, International; $7.45. You can make deposits to my Paypal account. If you’re in London Ont, I can deliver.

See The Cat Book page. Update Oct 5 2011: read Dan Browns review!

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Is there interest in a cat book?

The cat book pictures would look like this.

At a recent prompting, that being an inquiry about sales, I fell into the book making portion of iPhoto. As such, I put together a few books of things. One of these would be a collection of some of the various cat drawings I have done on my iPod and iPad in the various paint and draw apps I have accumulated.

Are you interested? I am not soliciting pre-orders. The Cat book would be coil bound, 20 pages plus covers, Continue reading Is there interest in a cat book?

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Archie and Veronica

Well, I was always a Betty guy myself. Even over Wilma.

But this is a standard comic book trope nowadays. Flash marries Iris. Flash dies. Spidey marries Gwen. Spidey reboots. Reboots again. Superman (yes he did) married Lois. Reboot. Superman dies.

So Archie is going there too. Archie marries Veronica. Archie dies. Reboot.

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Welcome to Spudtopia

The community built around Tuber Gigantus Butleriana

Spudtopia, an offshoot of this genus of giant potato, Tuber Gigantus Butleriana, was founded around the turn of the century. After discovering that giant potatoes could be grown, there was much hope for solving the problems of hunger and homelessness – after all, now, not only could everyone afford, they could simply grow their own sustenance and housing! Anyone who came to this community was given spoons and yearly, granted a huge potato from the annual crop, thus they not only ate well, but carved their own dwellings while so doing! Alas, in The Great Bake of 1912, when fire spread so disastrously throughout it, the promise of this grand utopian community ended.

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Mad eccentrics or exceptional cartoonists?

David Apatoff does some fine posts, and really likes great pictures. I must direct any visitors here to THE MAD ECCENTRICS. 

In the course of just 100 intense years, comics have displayed the personalities of some deeply odd people …Why is this? Perhaps the medium combines the privacy for artists to sit alone at their drawing board– a little incubation chamber for their neuroses and quirks– with a wide daily audience for the resulting work product. Or, maybe the pressure of putting out a daily strip for decades simply drove them nuts.