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It’s a LondOntLife #6 begins

83 cartoons across 52 pages

It’s a Londontlife#6 is at the printers for proofs. It’s always exciting for the new book to come out. And this one is packed with 83 cartoons – a record – over 52 5×7 inch pages. Yes, I should be thinking in metric. I am that old.

And Tingfest is on again! It’s been three years! It’s always exiting when the next Tingfest comes around. So books 3, 4, and 5 will also see their debut.

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Samupress has new LondOntLife Books soon!

It’s A LondOntLife #4 has been ready to go since last year. Without the local London Comic Con, without Words, without Tingfest, there really hasn’t been an outlet. We have had nothing but time to get on with the next book collection, It’s a LondOntLife #5 and we seem to be going with M&T as a local printer, but not ready soon enough for Free Comic Book Day. Books 2 and 3 – were print and packaged ready for that last Tingfest which was held off under that first wave of Covid – and will be seeing their first exposure on May 7 at Heroes. These next two books will be ready for events in the Summer and Fall.

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Five Favourite Buddhist Books Tag

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First, refer to Buddhist Books, an older post where I mention Selling Water By The River, The Mind of Clover, and Hardcore Zen.

I was wandering up and down the aisles of our city public library one day, long ago, and serendipitously, Selling Water By The River found me. It’s long out of print. I don’t remember much except the absolute truth of the metaphor.

The Mind of Clover also was seminal for me for the way  Robert Aitkin Roshi dealt with the ten precepts.

Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen re-speaks for today. But is it one of my favourites?…. let’s see…Three Pillars of Zen? Old Path White Clouds? Never got Suzuki. Hmmm… two? three more…?

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