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LondOntLife Books #4 and #5 are ready to go

Quick turnaround from M&T. I guess that’s why they’re called Instaprint after all. Nice clean job, great quality. My only concern for the next book is most efficient use of the paper page as the size of these leaves half the 11×17 sheet as waste. We will have to consider the sizing next time: either smaller and more pages with all full page cartoons or larger – perhaps more of a comic book size.

In the cartoons, sizing the text on screen when the image can be zoomed solves one problem, but sometimes it reproduces in print at a fixed size as too small. Then again I am also always wearing my readers, and freely zooming the art to draw it.

In the end the major cost is the paper. Might come to the same end depending on display and distribution.

Washed my hands and signed and numbered each of the 20 limited run editions of the books. Need to update the ISBN info and get the print versions up on the LondOntLife bookstore website.

See you at London Comic Con.

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