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We have new books for a frightening brightening 2022

There may yet be a few copies of It’s A LondOntLife #1 at Brown & Dickson. We are really negligent. We’ll have to check. But the last one we physically held went to a person at Free Comic Book Day May 7 2022 in downtown London.

We prepped and printed two books for Tingfest set for Spring of 2020 and soon, we will have two more books with cartoons from 2020 and 2021.

Some upcoming in-person locations: could be a rumoured TingFest 2022 and London Comic Con. The LondOntLife bookstore is here:

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Samupress has new LondOntLife Books soon!

It’s A LondOntLife #4 has been ready to go since last year. Without the local London Comic Con, without Words, without Tingfest, there really hasn’t been an outlet. We have had nothing but time to get on with the next book collection, It’s a LondOntLife #5 and we seem to be going with M&T as a local printer, but not ready soon enough for Free Comic Book Day. Books 2 and 3 – were print and packaged ready for that last Tingfest which was held off under that first wave of Covid – and will be seeing their first exposure on May 7 at Heroes. These next two books will be ready for events in the Summer and Fall.

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ebook download surges

Phenomenal, is all I have to say. Phenomenal. Honestly, I think this is great. It is far to easy to read this as though I intend irony or sarcasm, but there are people out there in the world who have freely chosen to look at my art. I think that is amazing. And now I sound naive. Yes, it isn’t 10,000 after three days like Diesel Sweeties. I have no idea how many, or if any at all of the PDFs have been down-loaded, but I do know the download in Ireland isn’t from a relative. :-)

Get it here: