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Zeroman sketch

I have been kicking around some ideas for a new Zeroman adventure since about January – a bunch of bits and pieces that just haven’t gelled to a story-state yet, but with City Council back in session, there could be a theme for the year evident soon.

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The Snow Dragon

clouds over annapurnaOn October 14th we trekked from the last collection of guest houses, Himalaya, up to Annapurna Base Camp, commonly called ABC, arriving around 10:30 AM.  We are slow walkers. We like to stop and look and take pictures. Some trekkers roused early from Macchupuchare Base Camp and were on their way back down by 11 – about when the views run out. The sun gets a bit high by then and some clouds are known to show up in the afternoons. We had intended to stay overnight so we bagged one of the remaining rooms.

The weather in Nepal has been unusual recently with it raining well into the 2007 trekking season. Winter really begins up there around December. But this day, it seems the weather was quite dramatically different.

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Five Favourite Buddhist Books Tag

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First, refer to Buddhist Books, an older post where I mention Selling Water By The River, The Mind of Clover, and Hardcore Zen.

I was wandering up and down the aisles of our city public library one day, long ago, and serendipitously, Selling Water By The River found me. It’s long out of print. I don’t remember much except the absolute truth of the metaphor.

The Mind of Clover also was seminal for me for the way  Robert Aitkin Roshi dealt with the ten precepts.

Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen re-speaks for today. But is it one of my favourites?…. let’s see…Three Pillars of Zen? Old Path White Clouds? Never got Suzuki. Hmmm… two? three more…?

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Mad eccentrics or exceptional cartoonists?

David Apatoff does some fine posts, and really likes great pictures. I must direct any visitors here to THE MAD ECCENTRICS. 

In the course of just 100 intense years, comics have displayed the personalities of some deeply odd people …Why is this? Perhaps the medium combines the privacy for artists to sit alone at their drawing board– a little incubation chamber for their neuroses and quirks– with a wide daily audience for the resulting work product. Or, maybe the pressure of putting out a daily strip for decades simply drove them nuts.