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Stores, stores, stores…

Looks like I have three stores going. Two Society6 and one here at WordPress with Woo. There’s Instagram and Facebook integration for a few items. Square seems to be the most useful for in-person selling-a-thing using that little plastic doohickey. WordPress and Woo like Stripe.

For a time back there, I couldn’t access the previous Society6 store so set up a second Society6 store. There’s just no way to merge them. I think I’ll press ahead focusing one of those Society6 stores as samupress/LondOntLife focused -images and prints- with the other as personal work.

Managing the inventory at Square – to use the in-person plastic box payment system is a PITA. Once setup though it feeds the Woo inventory and Instagram/Facebook access. Don’t naively, not-understandingly, what-does-this-do click anything though. Usually takes me about three days work pulling my hair and screaming to get it straight. Inventory management at Woo is comparatively vastly less intricate, less complicated and just plain easy.

The Insta/Fb shop system despises digital downloads, so only allows ‘real’ product. Meantime, the store for LondOntLife setup with Woo at WordPress holds the real world paper printed books of cartoons and digital versions of the books. Those digital downloads are hosted at my iCloud space.

I think often of getting free from Jack and Melon. Does Stripe handle mobile locations? Seemingly, nope. I’ll be gladly corrected. Does Insta/FB talk to Woo Inventory? Seemingly, nope. I’ll gladly be corrected.

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