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Building the store. Aaargh.

OMG. Square is a PITA. One seriously needs a guide-priest to figure out the system. Whatever I need to toggle to set something is set three clicks away under a label I have to guess at. Okay, I’ll will continue to use the Inventory and payment system. Such a clean page design they all look the same and I just don’t know where I am. Took forever to deal with the two names – or whatever – somehow, accounts I had which insisted on displaying a different set of Items. I’m not so sure WooCommerce is any less complicated yet at the upper Admin levels. but in a few days a fresh storefront was built, rather than hacking about in the wilderness after a few months. Anyway, that’s my review. And don’t get me started on another rant. I mean the Block building system is a puzzle. I’m an old fart. I used a Mac Plus.

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