Fix the things you can fix

Perhaps these issues may seem disparate to you. Perhaps you feel it is too early to focus on other issues. I personally find it very hard to compartmentalize things or subtract them from context. It is possible for humans to consider more than one thing at a time. Especially, as a basic Buddhist tenant, that everything is connected to everything else.

London alone cannot fix the racism and intolerance issue. But we allowed a bare stretch of sidewalk to exist butt-joined to a 60 km four line highway with a feeble stretch of green paint between and a pathetic plea to just share the road.

Means: an automobile
Motive: hate
Opportunity: the street

The municipality has signed on to VisionZero. We know that we have seen decades of signing on to promises means nothing. We can’t even implement decades old traffic safety solutions that exist in world class cities elsewhere, because cars, parking, and that shit costs money.

What is a human life worth?

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