Just please tweet with the tags

Hey, I know this is probably not your fault, and is some obscure bug caused by someone else, and not your problem. I get it.
Wordpress can email a post with image, content, and tags.
Wordpress can tweet a post with content. Sometimes depending on an obscure setting somewhere else, it can post the image. It can’t post the tags.
The tags are there, in a field or a variable somewhere, but wordpress can pick them up for an email, but not for a tweet.
Some obscure setting somewhere makes Jetpack post double images even with Featured image turned off, even if there’s only one image in the post.
Plugins promise to be able to tweet with image, content, tags….
And then you are plunged into codespeak, obtuse UI’s, building access to an API found in some obscure setting page at Twitter and going back and forth trying to bite the bug that prevents the plug-in from doing anything. Way beyond my pay grade.
Why is this so hard?
IFTTT was so erratic and constantly ran into somehow not recognizing passwords. Still it was a simple process of setting up a simple action to tweet the image, content and tags from a wordpress post. I need only one IFTTT action. I’m on the edge of throwing all this business level, domain name, plugin management in the trash.

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