Yammering, curious things, pitfalls, and glitches

Upgraded Londontlife to Londontlife.ca and now I need to do a lot of things manually that worked sufficiently well enough behind the scenes and I never knew about them. When Twitter started acting up, A Twitter follower, cognoscent of Web issues remarked to me that cartoonists need their own platforms. I know what he means now.

Retrospectively, Twitter failing to post an image was due to my posting the cartoons at Londontlife much too largely. Took me about a month to figure things out. There doesn’t seem to be a corresponding Google SEO search text string result for “Why won’t Twitter post the image? AAAARGH!”. The answer is somewhere and it’s one line of text on a page amongst hundreds in a site somewhere that you have to know about. Then you have to step through support where there is a prescribed number of things you must do before they tell you they don’t quite know what’s going on either.

IFTTT Tweeting with the image was breaking and erratic, and the support is somewhere. Apple security upgrades? and now passwords weren’t working either. And now they want money.

The “upgrade” to the WordPress Business plan and Domain name also suddenly dropped a number of difficulties. What is SEO? What is CMS? Why do I need these plugins to do shit? Which one of the hundred Header and Footer plugins should I use? Why do I even need one anyway? Oh, to post a single text string of code, and wading through the Plugin settings page which is half ads for their other snippets of code….

Tognazinni – I switch away to Google to check the spelling, and the Desktop WordPress app logs me out. WTF – and Apple spent money on UI R&D. Basically they discovered that corners were mousetraps. But User Interface on these plugins is horrendous. A lot of this is WordPress fault as useful items are buried and spending choices promoted, but again, sadly, these thing’s are designed for someone who already knows what they’re doing. And I don’t want to learn PHP.

Hire some grouchy retired old fart like me to test your interface. Please.

So Shortcuts…. I did some HyperCard (What?) so have a small taste of programming and scripting structures. And being traumatized by Flash cards in Grade One, I really do have trouble with abstract math. Applescript and JavaScript are Flash Cards. Shortcuts aside… this one worked for the previous year quite nicely.

‘Upgrade’ to Domain name. ‘Upgrade’ to Business plan. Now suddenly the Shortcuts WordPress Post App action just fails. Wants passwords. There is only me, one Admin. It worked before. Now it won’t show the second blog as a post-to option. Wants passwords. Wants application specific passwords. What? Where?

Sit with this for a month poking at solutions. Try to formulate a Google SEO text string search which will point me toward someone who might have whispered a solution or process somewhere. Hours and forum streams later I find something.

So it’s a password problem. D’oh. I go back to plugins and turn off the Two Factor, turn off the ‘stop the vicious hacker password attacks’ protector, discover I can whitelist IP addresses. Mine is already there. Turn it off. Which one was the problem? I don’t know. I don’t want to troubleshoot this one tedious step at a time. I just want it to work

And the Shortcut works again. What?

Now I don’t want to get into the Gmail login loop, but this also seems to continue to happen at WordPress. like the servers are on some kind of feedback delay, or they had a spat with the Mother-in-law, and the someone is just not talking to the wife, where they send you a default ‘Oops this failed send me your password again’, while the server on Mars is processing the previous command and you get logged in with an error message on top of the screen. Stop it. Just stop it already.

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