Should we rename Dundas Street?

“On behalf of the Canadian Urban Institute and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, thank you for your submission to the Main Street Design Challenge.

At this time, your application does not meet our criteria. The brief requests that designs, among other things, create a new – or improve – at least one factor influencing Main Street design; utilize forecasts related to COVID-19 and future pandemics in the creation of the concept; and address sustainability and resiliency.

We do understand that the work is meant to be a satirical comment on local development, and we appreciated the pointed nature of the submission and the visual. If you wanted to try and add more information to your submission such that it meets the criteria and send it in again for the next cycle deadline (August 14), we’d be happy to consider publishing it then.

Thank you,

Dina Graser
for the Canadian Urban Institute”

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