On not drawing BLM cartoons @LondOntLife

# Jun 14, 2020 — Jun 14, 2020


We drew no cartoons about BLM nor anything about our local protests and marches. We could find no humour over them, nothing to belittle, ridicule, nor punch up at.

We also avoided the crowds over Covid fears. I’m pretty much in a susceptible group. Aside from being generally reclusive.

And the whole Structural Racism things is something I have no words for, nor arguments against, at an age and place separated from the scrabble up and against.

About pulling down statues;

@dgardner @chrisloblaw Nobody said things weren’t complicated. But sometimes it’s better to spit out the poison than wait for consensus.

I want say once again, I would hope LondOntLife can be a platform for other voices.

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