Slogging through the cash and trash…

It seems there is no way to post an image tweet directly from a WordPress dot com free blog without upgrading to a business account for a plug-in, or using third party support. The point of the twitter feed is to distribute in narrow siloed market. The content simply, is the image.

The interface at IFTTT has been simplified to the point of obtusiuosity. There is no support.

There is also a plugin for Buffer, requiring an upgrade to a business account. $400 Canadian for the business plan for material I am giving away just is not a choice.

Finally find the free WordPressBuffer plugin. WordPress app has dumped me to a checkout page I cannot exit. Quit app. Relaunch.

Cannot install even a free plugin through the app. Cannot install a free plugin through the browser.

I am bitten by the irony that my first post to r/londonontario resulted in a total hammer ban because it was a link to a personal blog (sharing cartoons relevant to that silo of interest) – where I might be selling things or making some personal or financial gain.

Slog my way back through IFTTT and Zapier….. jeez…

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