Maybe I’ll move

Considering moving LondOntLife to Tumblr. The major following is off Twitter for the very localized cartoons, so it really doesn’t need WordPress as a storage place for the images. Clicks back to the blog are minimal.

WordPress shares nicely with other social sites, but feeds only a link to Twitter. I don’t care whose problem this is. LondOntLife is image heavy, and seeing the cartoons is the point. I think there only a few live people actually following this blog anyway. Over 600 here and anyone in the last few years seem only to be bots.

IFTTT and Twitter seem to be having some API issues. I will look into tweeting through IFTTT from the Tumblr or directly from the Tumblr instead of troubleshooting some obscure argument that is someone else’s problem. Sending things to Buffer also give me a clean image tweet.

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