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Probably the second LondOntLife book, likely in the Spring…

Some rambling. It comes together eventually

Yes, distribution and promotion remain a part of this.  The cartoons just aren’t useful or effective unless they’re being seen, discussed, posted on refrigerators, broken out of the silo… So, we remade the LondOntLife Tumblr so I can access it from my samupress account through the app.  It had no followers, and remains so. I think it is still a necessary outlet. The Instagram feed is a nuisance because bot-style posting is crippled. Followed by a few local friends. The Facebook page draws likes, and maybe two or three follow. The Twitter feed has stalled out at about 350. Still more than I ever expected. I think I’ll end the Flipboard magazine. Started a Reddit LondOntLife community to post cartoons.

Local awareness is the focus.

So, apparently, some doddering old noob posted a first post at r/londonontario which was somehow against a rule the old fart couldn’t find anywhere, so he has been banned from posting to that group. Which, it seemed was really the ideal targeted place to post telling Londoners about cartoons about London Ontario.  So we couldn’t post a post posting links to a ‘personal’ blog posting cartoons and comments about London Ontario because that would be promoting the personal blog. OK Boomer…..

Kids today. I’m rambling now. I’ll look for my glasses on top of my head.

So, while the cartoon feed has slowed, maybe because of the seasonal change, fewer people doing stupid things, long government vacations, damaged supportive digits … winter is the slow season.

The internet is the medium for which we are designed. It is our distribution system. There are a few Book-making plugins for Photos now that Apple has ended the built in system. Plans for small book collections are on the todo list. Worked through the Mimeo extension to produce the overdue book above. Will try the Motif extension for the 2019 collection.

And we are always open to contributions of cartoons, sharing cartoons, and general praise and encouragement are always welcome.

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