7 Books for a Facebook tag game

# Tagged for a stupid facebook meme — Oct 25, 2019

Will not tag anyone to end the Karma chain.

No particular order, except the order in which I thought of them

1) Jack Vance Planet of Adventure series


Thrilling adventures on alien planet. And The Dying Earth https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dying_Earth books.

2) Comic books. Various How to Draw instructionals.

Obvious to anyone who might know me. At first there was only me.

3) Selling Water by the River Jiyu Kennet

Idling in the aisles of the Library on Queens Ave downtown looking for curious and unusual reads.


The Buddhist book which planted a seed in fertile soil.

4) Mind of Clover Robert Aitken

It was far too easy to adopt the five precepts when they were so clearly outlined here, well before any actual practice took hold.


5) Impro Keith Johnstone


The bible, not said just by me. Once again, wandering and stumbling on Second City leftovers. Really, the first instructions I had ever had in creative freedom.

6) Harry Potter series

Yes, we were all there, all four of us, my family on the midnight of the releases. And we bought four because not one of us would stand waiting for someone else to finish the book.

7) The Horses Mouth Joyce Carey

Handed down a volume by my elder cousin with a few passages underlined.


A madman, not really so much a madman, paints until he drops dead. Screw the critics.

And the movie. And Alec Guinness.

And branches: Yes to Moby Dick. And Kate Bush.

It is only clear at the end that Jimson has suffered a paralysing stroke, and can no longer paint. As he is being taken to hospital, a nun who is nursing him remarks that he should be praying instead of laughing, “Same thing, Mother,” replies Jimson, his last words.

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