Twitter it seems has cracked down on ‘bots’ posting to feeds. This seems to be excluding, as far as this affects me, IFTTT autoposting images from to @londontlife.

Even WordPress’ autopost mechanism fails to post the image. Driving clicks to the blog has been interesting, but just ain’t the point of this. This is frustrating because the nature of Londontlife blog and twitter is to post image cartoons. This is what the followers want, not to have to click-thru something, or to click-thru to something. Immediacy is broken.

I have been banned from posting to r/londonontario because my first naive noob oldfart post was a link post announcing a blog and twitter feed that might be of interest to the silo. Banned for posting promotional links to a blog. D’oh.

Yes, distribution and awareness is what I’m after. No point to making these cartoons otherwise.

So I’m setting up a Mailchimp thing, and have set up also a Tumblr for LondOntLife. is open to contributions. It is intended as a voice for locally themed editorial style cartoons or comics.

We want to reach you on the platform you prefer.

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