Man with scythe

# Man with scythe
Maybe late 50’s, early 60’s, after we had moved to the Queens Ave house, I would walk along Queens Ave to Queens Place and down that small lane to Lorne Avenue School\. The dirt lane off English Street was more fun, but the bully thugs hung out there\. Still, I got to bark at the dogs living down Queens Place\.
One morning on the lawn of the cottage opposite Queens Place a man swung a scythe over the overgrown lawn\. The grass was well overgrown\. A mower wasn’t going to cut it\.
From the glimpse of my memory, he wore a fedora, and dark suit jacket coat\. Maybe the pants were blue jeans\. It wasn’t a full suit, but a dark jacket, white shirt and fedora\.
I watched him swing the scythe a few times, decided he wasn’t Death come for me, and walked down the lane to school\.