Politics! A cartoon

via Politics!

Mix, when it was run by Paper by 53 was a great little creative social site. Art was offered as jumping points for improvisations. The monstrous creatures in this cartoon were not drawn by me, but the first creature was offered by another contributor. The modifications are my riffs on the original artwork.

For the cartoon, I wanted anonymous silhouette-y images. But human shaped heads were too strong an indicator. I recalled these free improvisation jams and used the collaborated images.

Monthly, I participate in a comic jam at a community gallery. So inclined artists gather and run a kind of storytelling Exquisite Corpse comic page jam. In the sense I miss Mix, not having it does free time I indulged. It wasn’t a waste of time, I guess I’m trying to say, but not having it any longer to draw, does make time for other things, like drawing.