Bravo iPhone!

Three hours in a lily pond. In a cold lily pond.

Pulling down vines and branches and leaves from a roof over the back deck, I stepped off the ladder, missing the last step. I knew I would be okay as I fell across the garden plants. Comically, one shoe flew off my non-landing foot and arced over my head to the foot of the garden. Tucked my chin. Years of Karate paid off, but it was a Fail Video winner.

My hand landed in the small lily pond just over my head.

Not until a few hours later did I notice my iPhone 7 was missing. I do try to pocket carry it when I’m outside the house. Half a dozen intense walks around the house and looking through the years dead plants and leaves, out to the front walk, down to the end of the yard, through the garage, through the house, searching my clothes up and down. FindMyPhone told me it was somehere around the the house and it hadn’t walked away. Set up the FindMyPhone alarms and alerts.

Finally logging into Tile app on my iPad, I tracked it down. Getting used to the interface for the first time, and what the silly flashing menu meant, I edged ten feet here, ten feet there. The pond?

It was in the pond!

The damned cold needing-cleaning lily pond. Incredible, I reached in and on the first bloody try, grabbed the slick little rectangle. Dried it off, shook the water out of the lightning port. Tile-called the phone, and …

Damned if the screen didn’t come on and ask for the port to be plugged in. The phone battery was dead, likely from all the call attempts and alarm rings, which couldn’t be heard from underwater – from inside the house land line. Plugged the phone in and Oh! The little bugger works!