Sometimes the pattern makes sense.

Seth Godin, who has closed off comments (?) posted :

“What about endogeneity?”

Ask this question often.

Several times a day, at least.

Endogeneity is a fancy term for confusing cause and effect. For not being clear about causation and correlation.

It’s one reason why smart people make so many mistakes. We think A leads to B, so more A gets more B. While A and B may have been related in the past, though, it’s not at all clear that improving A is going to do anything about B.

Yes, the correlation with cheese and bedsheets is spurious.

Everyone who argues this seems always to offer some absurd correlation that is clearly nonsense, as though it refutes the whole case. It is a logical fallacy on its own. There was sufficient correlation to the pump and cholera to shut down the pump, without knowing the cause. Try a Google search for “pump and Cholera”  or Wikipedia . Sometimes the evidence is close enough that it doesn’t matter.

Perhaps that is the contra-point he is trying to make?

We are pattern seeking intelligences. Sometimes the pattern makes sense.

Try a Google search for “pump and Cholera”  or Wikipedia