London’s vision prescription eyeglasses

dark glasses with rearview mirror
Only look to where you can see

Both Federal and Provincial governments are encouraging transit systems to move to electrical Light Rail Rapid Transit systems, as opposed to motor driven buses. They are providing grants of large amounts of money. Arguments in favour of Light Rail are rational, thorough, economical and farsighted. London city council voted to support only a locally, minuscule-y (and municipally) funded solution of a Bus Rapid Transit system, of more expensive, more diesel buses.


  1. This city needs an editorial cartoonist. Not necessarily me. In light of Tingfest, in light of the daily newspaper, in light of two weekly sheets, in light of numerous unexposed and capable cartoonists, there is no, none, nada, editorial cartoon criticism of local events.

  2. As an ex-Londoner, I am somewhat dismayed with the lack of progress in the city each time I visit (infrequently). The traffic seems to get worse and for some unfathomable reason, road construction to widen roads seems never ending. Not to mention, London seems to have the uncanny ability to shut down most roads going into and out of the city, all at the same time as if they are trying to keep the populous contained during the summer months.

    • There is a constantly changing idea-human in charge. Sometimes we’re fed up with reasonable middle managers, and elect an idea man. Then we hate his ideas and elect a non-offensive, can’t-we-all-just-get-along manager when we need vision and ideas. We’ve been through a half-dozen city managers in the last ten years, and three mayors.

      So sometimes there’s pressure to build roads. Then they get built on the next watch when nobody wants them anymore. Sometimes there’s pressure to intensify, geez, even fund the transit system, then the we-can’t-pay-anymore-taxes screechers get elected.

      We’re a village that wants to be a city, but just can’t grow up.

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