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You might not believe that these stories are true but they are!

Life was full of remarkable adventure as Deb grew up East of Adelaide from 1955 to 1974. The book covers neighbourhood and school-time stories from EOA, Lorne Avenue School and Beck Collegiate. There are humourous stories and some not so humourous. My sister’s book recounts her adventures in the back streets, back alleys, back yards, sewers and rooftops,  and back parking lots where we grew up. Everything is true. I was there. And she dredged up memories I had forgotten.



Excerpt From: Debra Rogers. “Hey Wendy Watch This!.” iBooks.

IMG_6264“When I was tucked in each night, I could see directly into the living room, squarely viewing a much larger than me, black, wooden dresser which stood with its back pressed firmly against the opposite wall. It was a tall dresser with large bottom drawers leading up to two smaller drawers at the top. Each night I lay in bed, perfectly still and glared at the dresser before I fell asleep. Each night the dresser would glare right back at me and miraculously come alive as it lunged towards me. The top of it tipped from side to side, left, right, left, right, lean, lean, closer, closer, waddle, waddle, until its wheelie tipped toes stood itself squarely and boldly in the bedroom doorway blocking my escape. It leaned its head forward and directly over my head with the handles of the top two drawers glowing like Martian eyeballs inches from my face! At this point, each night, I would scream for mom with a petrified voice, “Mom, the dresser is getting me!” Mom would brush me off by yelling from the living room, “Oh Debbie it is not, go to sleep!”

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