Some foods I just can’t abide any longer


my food intolerance test results
Counselling Tolerance takes on a whole new meaning
Extensive list of allergies from the Gamma-Dynacare tests. Casein (milk, cheese, eggs), soft wheat, Corn, Oats….. Vanilla, Flax, Oranges, Mussels, Pea, some beans. Barley, Malt… Peanut butter, Walnuts…

Starting dairy free today. Have to bring my glasses everywhere to read labels.

No cheese. A staple. No Oats. The end of the morning standard breakfast of steel cut. No more peanut butter. I have lived on peanut butter for decades. No more Corn, popcorn, tacos, tortillas. No more wheat bread. There seems to be no meat that presents a problem, and only Mussels out of all the seafood. No more granolas. 

Having been quasi vegetarian for decades also – there is chicken and fish in the house – soy and tofu present no problems. So many prepared vegetarian foods have other ingredients I should no longer have. Lentils I’m good with. Lentil burgers are out. 

Some things I can have: Polenta, obviously without Parmesan. Potatoes. All kinds of vegetables. Endless salads. Buffalo milk will require that I move to Nepal for amazing fresh buffalo milk yoghurt every morning. All the olives, tomatoes, capers, garlic, peppers and onions I could ask for. No butter, Olive oil is good. It sounds like Monteleone is where I should retire. In Italy it is likely the wine is not fined with Casein. And Duram and Semolina pastas are fine. No Alfredo. 

The next three months should be interesting. That is the basic exclusion period to clear the allergic symptoms and let the gut heal. Then I can get back to testing intolerances. Another very different kettle of fish. Oh, but I can have honey in my tea again. That’s a bright light.


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