An alert with unanswered questions.

And now WordPress shows me duplicate posts. I trash one and they all go away. Never compose directly in this mobile app again.

Anyway, we have to put an end to automated telephone calls that assume you are at your desk awaiting breathlessly with pen and paper for the information the robot has to tell you.

With sandwich in my face, I have to move the phone to my computer desk, launch my Mac, open the calendar and type cross handed, having put down my sandwich, and press star three times to ensure I have the message contents correct. And this comes in at 5:45 pm, without a who what or why, location information, or why I need to be at the hospital with a phone number to contact only Monday morning. 

Don’t display information I don’t need to act on, and give me information so that I know what I need to do. And expect that I can’t deal with what you automatically.