Saving an iPad screen from Crazy Glue

paint scraper
Richard says, “Just doin’ my job!”

Some time in the last month I used a tube of Crazy Glue for a quick repair. Somehow during that event, I managed to glue my fingers together. The tube spurted out an excess of glue, missing the intended target and covering my fingers. I had a paw. I don’t know if this is the actual solution to glueing your fingers together with crazy glue, but I quickly went to the kitchen sink, coated my fingers with dish soap and gently pried my fingers apart. Some rubbing and scraping later removed all the glue remnants from my fingers and hand.

Now, the other day, I was glueing again, and splash and spatter, that tube again missed the target. Apparently something was blocking the tiny hole so as to spray glue somewhere else. Not my fingers this time. I cautiously removed them from the target area, but now there was, incredibly, Crazy Glue spatter bumps on my iPad screen.


It was resting there on the desk, propped up on it’s open, folded smart cover, touch screen open, useful and defenseless against unexpected innerant ejaculations of sticky permanent residue.

Quick! Wipe it off! Oh, not useful. Smears.

Screen cleaner fluid! Nope doesn’t touch that shit. Am I going to have to deal with a bumpy touch surface? It doesn’t affect the responsiveness at all. Can I scrape this off? How precious, how sensitive is that surface to to a knife blade? A razor blade? A paint scraper? A fingernail? Fingernails won’t budge it.

One. There is one Google find about, “how sharp a scraper can i use on an ipad screen”. And it’s only incidental to my query.

The iPad screen’s Gorilla Glass is, “Scratch-proof (well, scratch-resistant, but the only thing I found to scratch it was diamond or tungsten carbide tip scribers)” he posts.

I search my disorganized home repair toolshop desk for a suitable scraper. I know I don’t have any diamonds laying about. And the solution is this. Bear in mind the flat scraping edge was worn down, not in its razor sharp original state, but having served well on some staircase moulding before. It didn’t cut any fingers, but was flat and hard and smooth enough, even as I seriously inspected each scrape across that surface, to lift that concrete residue of the screen.

It’s as good as new. And in retrospect, had the cover been closed, it being porous enough that the glue would have had purchase, the cover would have been stained and damaged.

If you get Crazy Glue on your iPad screen, don’t panic. Don’t touch it. Let it dry. Scrape it off.


  1. Yes I had a very bad experience with my hand and Crazy Glue while trying to fix one of my daughter’s plastic toys…it will never touch my hands again!

    • All of the companies provide information online on de-bonding flesh. It is good stuff to know.

      Seeing that you’re successfully able to type shows you’ve solved the problem too. :-) Be well.

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