Ghost cat. Links and thoughts

:-(  working in this desktop post box is troublesome. I want to put this text BELOW the image. I can’t seem to place the image after the fact, or insert my cursor below it to put text there.

Below this is the pasted link to this same image on G+ and Tumblr, which is very extremely easy to post from mobile, both through the G+ app, and the app, Paper, in which the drawing was made.

15:46 The Google+ link

Photo The Tumblr link

More and more I am sharing directly to other places from my iPad. This is far more tedious to do from the WordPress app and still bound in multiple clicks in the desktop. Despite this, this site gets its continuing handful of ten to twenty or so hits a day. Tumblr followers (about 100) continue to grow, G+ followers (about 300) and cartoon life followers (about 300) continue to grow, despite my neglect.

A Ghost Cat
Ghost Cat Beewhooomeoooowl!