Some interesting image captures from a few rides around #ldnont

I’ve been employing a Hero3 camera on my bike rides. Occasionally, the wireless network gets left on, or accidentally bumped on and sucks the battery. Occasionally something doesn’t get turned off and sucks the battery. Sometimes the memory card decides it isn’t formatted right and iPhoto won’t import any images, but Image Capture will. Go figure. Import them into the Finder then drag them onto iPhoto and everything is fine.

The interface runs on two buttons and a series of beeps and blinking lights. When something occurs correctly, the camera beeps and/or blinks. When something occurs incorrectly, the camera beeps and/or blinks. You need to refer to a two inch by three inch instruction booklet printed in seven languages and tiny type to find out what the beeps mean.

Nonetheless, the videos are remarkable and useful. Basically I use it to record my rides around the city and record the vehicles that try to run into me or cut me off in traffic.

The camera somehow wound up recording a series of still images, rather than video a few days ago. And of course sucked the battery. But reviewing the images showed some interesting captures. The wide angle lens gives a view which you don’t notice in video. These are somewhat desolate, and really emphasize the broad, sprawl-ly flatness of London Ont, with strange curvy sidewalks and trees and funky  buildings.