What? No comments?


Basically then, “It’s your conversation, you be responsible for it.” And that’s not meant in any kind of defensive way, but in way that actually spreads the conversation. Tactically this builds links and authority, good for Googlefu. Self–managed sites don’t have to manage spam.

There has been a redesign at Macleans magazine site. Some wit decided that Disqus was no longer satisfactory, and that we needed to register. Register away and you get error messages to the effect that your postal code is wrong. No, my postal code is not wrong. Your dunderhead CSS code monkey can count the characters but it can’t deal with a space character. This is not of course what the error message tells you. It tells you that you are wrong, not that, “Ooooops, this code is so brain dead it can’t deal with a space character in Canada’s postal code.” Quite successfully, then, there have been no comments since.

I’m not sure that Macleans intentionally killed comments with any kind of plan in mind to spread the conversation. It certainly killed the spittle and disruption. The Macleans site was considerably civil, comment-wise actually.

Maybe Biff will start his/her/it’s own blog and be responsible for what they type. That’s a good thing.

As for here, I’ve been occupied with getting art up on the POD sites. I shared many many cat drawings. Previously cartoon life was about the cartoons appearing in the Londoner, floundered a bit in the middle, floundered a bit after setting up the samu press sites at Blogspot and Tumblr and Google+…. and I’m puzzled about how to differentiate the places. This tweet was a poke.

So I will continue to post my cats and various artwork here, and on Tumblr and on the samupress stores blog. Here, though, I will post more babbling and bullshit. Please follow where you please.