Aggregate Curate

I just found a bookmarklet that will allow posting from Safari desktop and mobile, to your Flipboard magazine – if you have one – on your iPad.

Here’s the URL to the Samupress Flipboard magazine.

Not much there just yet. I set up the magazine when Flipboard 2 was released. Just couldn’t figure out what it was good for. There is such a wide range of sharing options for images and such. G+, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest… Aargh! So many I can’t think to name them all. And you can spend time curating and sending posts here and there and everywhere. So then there are aggregators too, like Rebelmouse, which grab all your feeds and put them in one place. Then the ePubs: Tactilize, for one. And the pacers, like Buffer, and the sorters, like IFTTT.

I can’t grasp a single policy that differentiates these many options in any targeted or strategic way, as to why I would do this or that. What do you share here? versus there? or why not everywhere?

So I do what’s easy. I wish I had a strategy.