Ghost trees of #ldnont

Pen Equity, a developer from Toronto has completely bypassed the usual, legal, agreed-upon provincial environmental approval process and won approval from the job hungry, sprawl friendly city council of London to build a mall on the 401 highway interchange outside the city, on environmentally significant woodland and wetland.

A few years back, a developer worked with the city to erect a number of brightly painted metal trees as urban art to celebrate our historical brand as ‘The Forest City’.

Whenever a cyclist is killed, near cross-able train tracks, or some busy road where the cycling infrastructure is miserable, someone erects a ghost bike, painted white.

I believe the city should embrace the thinking and monetize it, rather than pretend to be in any way environmentally responsible. Make some money off these suckers. In this light, I offer these:


A new slogan: ?”Where there’s sprawl or a mall, we were there!”


The trees can be set singly, or as a group to suggest that ‘forest’ feeling.


And the trees can be set on wheeled bases to facilitate groupings in select locations.


Rather than retail jobs, the local economy needs manufacturing jobs. Every real living breathing tree removed can be re-manufactured into six complete Ghost trees. This means jobs!, people! The market for these will be quite substantial.


  1. Brilliant!
    I’m ashamed to say that I live in London and can’t believe the politics here and how business has council wrapped around their fingers. Is it any different anywhere else? I suppose not.
    Even still, it’s a sad town that will die a long slow death because everyone is paralyzed with fear when it comes to serious change.
    A Ghost Tree campaign is just what we need.
    Another idea: paint or tape white outlines like murder scenes.
    “A Tree Was Murdered Here Today”.

    • London is a medium sized town which wants to be a big city, but still thinks with a village sized brain. I’ve said that many times with more elegant variations.

      Density is the only solution.

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