Filter madness

Where to start? What a mess this is. First, a photo shot through the window, a glance backward, from a train speeding through the south of Fance to Italy. The GPS puts this as Isère. Too fast to sketch live. 

Now working from the photograph, drawing over the mountain with the graphite tool in Procreate, colouring with digital chalks, pushing and pulling tones and colours, layering, shifting values, compositing the photo in, painting over, erasing. Trying to pull out some colour.

What a mish-mash. Hopelessly sweet and nostalgic, and conceptually unresolved. At bits muddy and clear, bound to the photo, then trying to break away. Some bits approach being interesting. I’d like to think there is some salvageable technique in it.

I think I need to break away from the idea that I can ‘trace’ over a photo. I need to redraw fresh.

Just an interesting failure for you to look at.