If you get a chance to bop around Italy, don’t overlook the villages and towns outside the major well known ones. Orvieto was on our route, so we planned a stop anyway. Orvieto is profiting from the tourist trade, but it is still, clearly a working living city, picturesque, and above the plane. 

The church interiors are done by Lucca Signorelli, well known in his time, and worth learning a bit about of you are at all the least bit interested in Renaissance art history. Drive up the winding cliffside roads: wander the authentic back alleys and streets: find the only 12 sided church bell tower in the world: sit on the church steps in the town square at night: visit the caves carved out beneath the town: buy some of the most wonderful Orvieto Classico from a shopkeeper who knows your high school art history teach by name: drive down the thrilling winding cliff side roads before the tires on the Mercedes Benz blow off at 100 k on the highway.