Thoughts on traveling gadgets

If you are planning on using your iPhone as a camera consider bringing a battery pack for it. You can easily exhaust the built-in one in a day. HDR sucks down the battery, and be sure to stabilize the phone for those HDR pictures. 

Panorama 360 was fun. Images saved to the camera roll lose some resolution. I haven’t tried saving out of the app in the apps format yet.

The Ollo clip wide angle and fisheye lenses were fun also. You are bound to the iPhone’s resolution, however, so they do get a bit grainy.

I wanted to shoot on my iPhone, and draw on the iPad, carrying minimally to lighten the load. Someone always finds something for you to carry however, and another place to be too quickly to draw everything. Restaurants usually have free Wifi. Cost of a dinner or Cappucino isn’t a problem.

WiFi is not everywhere. I thought while recharging the phone, and while it was connected overnight, I would allow it to send the day to the iCloud stream. It worked where there was wifi, and enough power connectors and sockets for both devices, along with what others were using.  Adaptor plugs in Italy and France look the same but won’t fit the other country sockets. Euros work the same in France and Italy, but the plugs do not. Make it easy next time and buy the Apple connector kit.

Whether those streamed photos have downloaded to the computer desktop at home remains to be seen.

One hotel in Orvieto had a socket in the bathroom for shavers with a voltage switch and slots for various plugs built in! There is only ever one socket beside your bed. Is there a splitter?

Capturing the GPS location with the photo is wonderful. The map apps on the phone are too tiny to be useful, really. Consider using an iPad with data. There were times when a downloaded walking map was very useful for finding a location of a sight, but the iPad couldn’t tell us where we were on the map.

It was great to whip out the iPad and draw in places were cameras weren’t allowed. I should have done it a few more times in some places – definitely for the Degas bather. You can recall some things, but not everything. The Ucello Santa Monica was finished later from a quick sketch. There were a few other small precious things I should have drawn in that manner. The rooms were hot and crowded, and you get exhausted so it’s too easy to move along.

It might be a great trick to just snap a photo from inside your bag just to get the location information.