Paper is very very nice, but…


Paper by 53 is very very nice, but people have been listening. Sketches, flipink… Hmmm… Knockoffs? I really don’t know what is fair anymore. Neither off these would be anything without Paper trailblazing. But both answer elegantly what Paper didn’t answer for a year, and some things it still doesn’t do. Is the design of the interface, the innovative zoom tool, the innovative palettes and mixer enough?

Illustrator/Freehand all over again.

Paper: elegantly constrained set of drawing and painting tools. Simple joy in drawing and figuring out how to draw something. The limitations of the tools drive creative solutions. Needed Zoom from the first day. Innovative. colour mixing. Drop colour to fill page.

Impress: Obsessively simplified limited toolset. Zooms.

I’ve always loved the size and transparency sliders in ProCreate.

Sketches: Nice brushes, watercolour and gouache. Patterned fills. Zoom. Tool sizing, transparency controls. I don’t see much use for the patterned [foreground, shaped] fills.

flipink. Standard watercolour brush. Tool sizing. Pinch to zoom. Patterned and colour [paper, background] fills. Text and type. Maybe the palettes are a bit small, maybe two or three layers deep.

Brushes are much nicer in Sketches and Paper than in flipink.


    • Good for you. You can drag colour spots out of the palettes into the mixer well too.

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