Impress is a new, free drawing app. I think the developer decided to take some very few elements from Paper and write the code. Sometimes things show up like they are ‘proof of concept’, or like they are an end of coding school project. Either the choices made here are deliberately restrictive and made by a designer, or fetishistically driven to oversimplification for interface clarity.

What I said in my G+ post:

Always a sucker for a new art app, I downloaded Impress, which I think is a coding school year end project. Extremely limited in terms of tools, insanely restrained interface. It’s worth a look, if you want a challenging drawing environment, and I mean that in a good way.

What I said in my iTunes store review:

This gets an A as a beginning, as a proof-of-concept, as an exercise in code and interface, as a senior class project, as an application to a coding job. As a drawing app, you immediately expect more, because there are so many other drawing apps that do more with more brushes and more choices. And actually one of the strengths here is this almost fetishistic restraint to oversimplify. If you’re looking for an app that makes your drawing decisions challenging, as in – how can I do this? – then this is a great app for adding discipline and challenge to your choices. The tools are simple and easy to understand. My only complaint is the decision to make the transparency slider so small. I need stylus to hit it.