Oh, no! I can’t see…

There will almost certainly be a shortage of posts or drawings until I can get my new eyeglasses on this face. (You didn’t notice those typos because this iPad can type better than I can) ( and you didn’t notice how long it took me to fix the typos in that last aside, either, now did you).

I have been compensating for this astigmatism with a pair of 1.25 readers. I am usually twisting and bending them them to get a comfortable fit and minimal annoying distortions, and so the frames have just gone all jelly like.

This rain has kept me in off the roads, so I haven’t been able to get to my optometrist where my new spectacles, no doubt, have been waiting in expectation of their future use for just a few days now.


  1. I’m typing this as large as I can.

    Drive safely on your way to pick up your new glasses :)

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