A tiger and a kitten

When I downloaded the new version of Sketch Club I tried a few things. I left it for a very long while, then, poking around, I found this.
Tiger 2
Hah, Trying again, the newest version of SketchBook Pro, I find you just spend too much time finding the drawing tools and then poking about two or three finger twists later to set the parameters of the tool. Still, I wanted to use the spot and drop brushes.
Tiger 3
Back to Sketch Club – which also suffer from this ‘too many taps to get to the tools’ problem, for the consistency of line and treatment
tiger 4
I colour the little cat, but discover he draws focus. I could tone down the colour, but realize the colour belongs to the dream…
tiger 5
So, take away the colouring and add a bit of substance to the kitten so he looks like he belongs, and he doesn’t take the focus, and becomes the punchline.