That Apple TV Thing

Apple TV is going to be apps and interface.

We just got a honking huge plasma for Christmas. There is a huge complicated remote. The Smart TV Internet interface sucks. Browsing web pages designed for computers and precision mousing just doesn’t work nudging a cursor with a remote button trying to hit a tiny text link. Popping from one hot spot to another…tediously, in order, always…guessing which button does what on this particular interface…

Then the Apple TV remote…. Your hands are full of remotes…and a remote for the sound box. Black friggin text on black buttons. Really….

Then there is an iPad app for the TV itself. Some of the interface is better…swiping from screen to screen for whatever function. And Apples own Remote app functions with the ATV. It’s smarter. You can glide from hot spot to hot spot. Still swiping up and swiping right to get to the streaming and mirroring is three swipes too many.

So the only way to beat this is a single remote. An iPad mini. And why does Apple need to build the screen itself? Because there will be feedback smarts. The remote app and the TV will know what each other needs in a particular moment. The TV will need it’s own brain. Not a Smart TV, but an intelligent one.

And the media? Networks will have apps. Probably much like the present arrangement on the ATV. And with big easy to hit targets. Shows already stream from CTV, Global, CBC… and American networks and local stations. Mobile browser-like interfaces will solve the problem of tiny link targets.

You will likely even be able to talk to Siri, through the remote.