A cat collection


Well, the new ProCreate dropped out of the cloud this morning with tons of new brushes and capabilities. I moved some older images out of some other art apps. Deleted some, but still cling to some others. Brushes, Art Studio and Sketch Club still have some interesting brushes. Really, though, will I ever use the text layer? I tell myself I might. Likely. Hah. They are in danger of being voted off the home screen.

Paper by 53 is still on my art app screen. The silly sketch above is the latest fool-around. I bought some styluses. Broke down. The Jot classic’s precision almost perfectly compensates for the lack of zoom in Paper. The black outline of the cats was drawn with the pen tool. The tiny scribbled dots for the eyes are almost precisely where I want them. Even then, zoom would have given me precisely what I wanted.