1. I really like your webpage Doug. May I ask you a question (as an artist to another artist).

    What medium do you use to produce the drawings/paintings and how, when done, do you post them within your blog?

    They seem to be watercolours of some sort, but I don’t think they appear to be photographed afterwards for putting on the web.

    Regards, Francien

    • Hi, Francien. Before iPad, I would draw in pencil, scan and add tone or colour on the computer. Practically everything since is drawn on the iPad. The painting programs are getting very very good.

      My reference for coloring is watercolour. There are mediums you seem to understand, and that sensibility transfers. There are various composition filters built in in the various layers and brushes. I still prefer pencil and paper for a certain kind of seeing. The iPad, for me, works in a looser and more casual and immediate space.

      So the images are created digitally and posted directly.

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