There will be other rainbows to overcome

After watching the episode of Over the Rainbow, the sing off between Stephanie and Cassandra, it was clear that Cassandra’s glasses and bangs hindered her. Stephanie’s face was clear and open.

As much as the glasses and bangs are a brand that makes her stand out, at a distance it works. But they mask the display of information and emotion in the eyes and eyebrows, mark a border in the process of contact in close up situations, and especially with a panel of trained actors who, with their own cognitive bias, see, need to see, and have to be in that very contact space, even unknowingly, even knowingly and professionally aware, this is where they live, this is where the close up camera lives, and if it can’t get past the mask, it dies. This held back Jesse too, who could deliver a song, the mask of the hair bangs, hid the expression.

That Cassandra has such a brand, is a strength. But here, they are seeking a girl they can mould into Dorothy. For the longest time I couldn’t tell the difference between Danielle, Colleen, Stephanie, Jesse… On a large stage, busy with action they can be made into Dorothy with costume and staging. Could Cassandra’s brand be remade to fit that role?