Link shifting and connections


I will try to make this the last product post here. But I will spam this post with a few links :-)

The pages for the ebooks are still hosted here at WordPress. Links to those pages are in the menu of text links above. The image links to each book’s pages have been moved to the samu press blog.

I will manually post items from the samu press Zazzle store to that blog, and to the samu press Facebook page – which, if you’re a Facebooky kind of person could use a few Likes :-). The Blogspot blog allows JavaScript and Flash interactive widgets which are provided by Zazzle, and rotate through a bunch of product images, which is nice.

I had set up an @samupress Twitter account. I’m not so sure I need it. But I’ll keep it around for a bit. It might prove useful. What I do need to set up for here and otherwise is an About page. I’ll have to figure out what I’m about.