A phone call

Received a phone call this morning from an Indian accented tech support(?) person. Woke us up and he spoke too fast, babbling something about a viewer app and that I needed to go to my computer to fix something.

I don’t get very many phone calls from some stranger who knows my name unless they’re spam telephone call center calls. Least of all on a Saturday morning. So something doesn’t add up.

And seriously. You’ve just woken us up, you’re parsing through my tinnitus, you’re talking something about PC’s, you’re talking like my bed is on fire, and you’re speaking in an accent that spits over the information you’re trying to give me. Slow the fuck down.

So I go downstairs while the phone is ringing the third time, pick it up to a dial tone. I go to the Mac and search for ‘Viewer’, because that’s the only word I understood. Oddly, out of nowhere iCalViewer pops up a dialog asking for access to my contacts. I haven’t run iCalViewer in a dog’s age. Its not in Account Login Items. I find it in my apps folder and try to delete it. It’s open? It won’t delete? WTF? Activity Monitor. Make it quit. Trash it.



  1. I’ve received a few of these calls. When I tell them I only use GNU/Linux, the call comes to an abrupt end ;)

  2. I know about tinnitus so I can sympathize. A co-worker speaks English with a Grenadan accent. She sounds like a female Bob Marley and sometimes on top of the ringing I don’t understand her.

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