I go back to the drawing board

So, over the last eight Tuesdays, I’ve been at drawing classes. There are a few drop in options at a couple of places, but I’m happy to refresh things with a bit of direction and, yes, instruction. So these are also life drawing classes, which aside from caricature, is something I haven’t done in a very long time. Yes, paper, and yes, charcoal sticks, pencils, graphite, inks and wash… Sometimes I thought I had drawn no better than when I was a teenager. Sometimes a reliable old habit was dredged up and propped me up. As much as possible, I tried to stay away from drawing what I knew—when I could. Hard habit to break. Anyway. Foregoing the traditional materials, I tried drawing solely on my iPad last night. Below, the final result of the final night.

That arm and shoulder could use some work.


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