The 100 cats project

If you’ve been following the tags, you’ve seen the tag for 100 cats.The 100 cats project is me deciding to draw 100 cat drawings on my iPad, and putting together an ebook collection of those images. So far, I have drawn more than 80. Some have been edited out of the collection to bring the current number down to 80. Only 17 of those have been posted here, and some of those have been drawings in progress. Some have been edited out as duplicates or variations. I thought I might post every third drawing or so. I’ll likely put up a few more of the older ones, then, to bring up that number. I want the book to have a large number of unseen, fresh images for the viewer. I expect a sample of the book would come out at about 20 images, too, as that seems what most samples from the iTunes bookstore feature. They may not be the same set of images.

One worry is response from the iTunes bookstore approval staff. Ocean Views is held up over length and interactivity issues that I have no idea how to address. Will 100 images that don’t move, or something, be acceptable anymore?

I don’t have an ITIN from the IRS either. I had hoped to price the book at .99 and this, at this point hinges on a letter from Apple, and with deadlines looming, likely a re-submission of the application.

I’m not a US citizen, so why not go through an aggregator? Because I would have to go about producing an 100+ page PDF file-as it would all be images-and they don’t process PDF files. iBooks Author is so easy and so suitable to this kind of collection: the images flow into my photostream, fall into iPhoto, sort into the 100 cats folder, and load into a widget in my iBooks Author template. Verify and send directly. Await approval. Too easy, perhaps.

iBooks Author is perfect for publishing chapbook collections of images, or poems or whatever, built around a theme.


    • Somehow it makes sense that art created on a glass screen painted with light ought to be seen on a glass screen through particles of light.

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