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Is there interest in a cat book?

The cat book pictures would look like this.

At a recent prompting, that being an inquiry about sales, I fell into the book making portion of iPhoto. As such, I put together a few books of things. One of these would be a collection of some of the various cat drawings I have done on my iPod and iPad in the various paint and draw apps I have accumulated.

Are you interested? I am not soliciting pre-orders. The Cat book would be coil bound, 20 pages plus covers, measuring 20 cm by 15 cm, or roughly 7.75 inches by 6 inches. The coil bind is the least expensive, and keeps the feel of a sketchbook. 10 to 12 seems to be the minimum order to bring the price down to about $10 dollars each.  I think I would like to sell the books for $20, plus the cost of shipping, mostly the postage, which I have no idea of at the moment. Probably about $5.00 tops.

My question is about interest and costing. What do you think? Is that all reasonable?

2 thoughts on “Is there interest in a cat book?

  1. I’d be really tempted to buy one – not because you’re family, but because your cats are good. They express the humour and grace of being a cat… Go ahead. Do it.

  2. Make it happen, my friend.

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