Note from Missionazn 1

Note from Missionazn from my son:

“I apologize for not updating yesterday; we were so tired after the plane trip and the touring that I fell asleep before I could do anything more than shower. We had to get up at 5 AM yesterday, 5 AM today, and will have to get up at 4 AM tomorrow to go to the Great Wall of China. One can only hope that the Great Wall is as impressive as it sounds, but I find it hard to believe that anything could be so awe-inspiring as to merit waking up that early. Sometimes I think we’re being assassinated by tourism.

The tours we’re on are very fast paced. It’s all we can do to snap off a couple shots before we’re hurried on to the next ornate temple or palace or ancient building. They’re not that enjoyable, simply because we’re so rushed and it’s so early in the morning. I’d like to come back and take a longer, slower tour, but I doubt I’ll get the chance.

I’ll upload some pictures when I can get to an adequate internet connection. The one we have to use now is slower than tectonic plate shift.”

I’ve also included some pictures, now that i’ve got an actual internet connection:

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